How To Be Great (At Selling) #GaryVee (NSFW)

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I have a really cool thing about selling, guys – and I’m good at it:

I sell things that people want.

I mean, on an individual basis.

I don’t CARE what (X) and (Y) WANT, I just want to know what it is, and then it’s my job (to sell them what they want)

– Gary Vaynerchuk

As a growth-oriented person who strives for mastery in areas I’m passionate about, I spend a lot of my down-time listening to TED videos and audiobooks from authors and thought leaders that inspire and challenge my world view.

Gary Vaynerchuk has been a favorite of mine for years, especially as I do more sales and less technical work in my career.

The first book of his I read was the Thank You Economy.

If you’ve followed GaryVee, you know how incredibly prolific he is.

How much he has to say.  (sorry, make sure you have headphones as his material is usually NSFW due to language)

How many videos and podcasts and blog posts he puts out all over the web each and every week.

Of course, he’s got a team behind him to help him produce all of this content – and for that I’m grateful.

He has a lot to say and I know there’s a lot of others out there like me who like to listen.

Whenever I have time to listen, GaryVee’s got something great to say.

If you’re a fan, what’s one of his videos that inspired YOU lately?

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